AAS 99-112

Earth Reentry Trajectory Parametric Analyses using the Program to Optimize Simulation Trajectories (POST)

J. Foster, P. Bellini

Lockheed Martin Astronautics, Denver, CO


Earth entry analyses of lifting body vehicles have traditionally been performed using 6-DOF control law simulation tols. However, conceptual earth entry analyses can be performed using the 3-DOF POST simulation tool. Given a set of entry vehicle characteristics, 3-DOF POST can be used to conceptually analyze entry parameters such as stagnation heating rates, head loads, normal accelerations, dynamic pressures, and maximum vehicle crossrange. 3-DOF POST can also be used to analyze the entry and flyback of a Liquid Flyback Booster (LFBB) vehicle that is currently being considered for replacement of the Solid Rocker Boosters (SRB) on the Space Shuttle.