AAS 99-104

Human Exploration of Mars- the Mars Surface Mission

S. Hoffman*, M. Duke**, B. Joosten***, W. Knudsdon****

*Science Applications International Corp, **Lunar and Planetary Institute, *** NASA JSC, ****University of Illinois


This paper summarizes current considerations for the types, scope and scale of activities of human crews and associated support equipment, which will constitute the first human exploration capability of the surface of Mars. Surface activities will also be carried out by automated systems that arrive before the crew and that continue operating while no crew is present. These activities and the systems that they require are described at a functional level, in order to create a starting point for continued discussion regarding the activities and functions that are appropriate and necessary for human exploration crews. In addition, they allow functionally equivalent designs or technologies to be proposed as implementations for these activities, which can be evaluated to find a best overall implementation for the exploration mission. The full document will be released as a companion to NASA SP 6107, "Human Exploration of Mars: The Reference Mission of the NASA Mars Exploration Study Team" and NASA EX13-98-036, "Reference Mission Version 3.0: Addendum".